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Relocatable safe roll pillows
and orthopedic mattress

Made from high
quality birch plywood

The Couch Without Ouch is a unique child bed. Your child feels secure thanks to the
movable soft round pillows around bed.

It is a safe nest where your child can have fun and play in the daytime and enjoy beautiful dreams in the night.

We use only high quality child-friendly material. As every bed is unique and handmade, you can choose how many pillows should there be and what color you prefer.

The length of our small bed is 165 centimeters and it is meant for the youngest kids (up to 1.5 years). The length of the large bed is 2.1 meters, making it a good choice for a little bit older kids.

The Couch Without Ouch was created by two moms, who wanted their children to have a bed that is always safe and comfortable.

A bed where the children cannot get hurt or stuck and cannot fall down. And most importantly, a bed, which would also allow the mom a peaceful night sleep without being woken up by a scary bang.